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When your body is relaxed

its Inner Wisdom arises


This inner wisdom creates comfort and healing



How many of these DO YOU HAVE on your list?


Stress Symptoms

Muscle Tension


Acute and/or Chronic Pain

Postural Imbalances

Injuries with lingering symptoms

Low Energy




How many of these DO YOU WANT on your list?


Pain Relief

Increased Range of Motion

Ease of Motion

Structural alignment

Heightened sense of physical awareness


Increased Vitality – a Sense of Wholeness & Well-Being



Inner Wisdom Body Care uses a synergistic approach. Synergy is about working together. You in unison with your health practitioner, along with multiple systems (modalities) of care and healing supports. Synergy is about working together to create a result greater than any one modality alone.


Thank you for caring about your health... 


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