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Theresa Goge


I love living in spectacular Ridgway.  I feel alive surrounded by the majestic mountains, wildlife and wonderful community of people, who share this space.

Renewal of body, mind, and spirit are things I've always been drawn to, and am dedicated to continued learning and exploring new ways to nurture and support this process.  

I received my massage license in 1997 using deep tissue massage therapy, hot stone therapy, and trigger point therapy, along with having studied and taught Pilates and practiced yoga for many years. 

The wisdom of these practices informs and infuses my work with you.

As a registered practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy® a member of The Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®, and a certified Touch For Health, Kinesiology, CranioSacral  I am a practitioner who continually learns and expands in order to assist people to greater levels of optimum health. 

This is work that truly brings me great joy!


 Together we can partner and find solutions for you.



Theresa Goge


   Licensed Massage Therapist, Practitioner of Ortho-bionomy and Touch for Health

Theresa discovered her passion for the healing arts from her lifelong work with horses. Always a kinesthetic person, she observed how the animals communicated with the language of their bodies and learned to hone her skills of observation and touch.For more that 20 years Theresa worked as a deep tissue massage therapist, until the physical strain of the job led her to seek out other ways to, as she puts it, “talk with her hands.” For the last five years or so, she has been providing ortho-bionomy services, a form of therapeutic bodywork that uses gentle and non-invasive body alignment to address physical and emotional difficulties. About a year ago, she expanded her practice to include Touch for Health, a wellness system of holistic self-care and therapeutic balancing.“People need touch to lessen pain, to reduce tension, to increase range of motion and to realign the relationship of bones and muscles,” Theresa explains.  In her practice she builds a connection and whole-person understanding with each client, then uses gentle movement and positioning as well as light compression to support their body’s own self-correcting capacity to effectively maintain balance, optimize functioning and create an overall sense of wellbeing.Originally from Pennsylvania, Theresa moved to the area about 22 years ago.  She lives and practices in Ridgway, CO.  Contact:


My office is located at:

160 S. Amelia St. Ridgway, CO 81432

(in the Rocky Mountain Integrative Medicine Center)



















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